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If your website doesn’t reflect your level of service, it’s time for an upgrade

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Your website is your most faithful marketing tool.

As the hardest working piece of marketing in your arsenal, your web design should reflect the same care as your in-house or in-store experience.

You need a new website if:

  • Your current web design doesn’t look or sound like you
  • Copy is difficult to read
  • The flow of information doesn’t make sense
  • Visitors can’t achieve what they came to do
  • Loading is slow or visitors experience bottlenecks

We can help make sure your website is a strategic tool that brings value to your visitors on the web. Peek our web design process below.

web design flux appeal creative

Because each of our websites is crafted to your unique goals and customers, prices will vary depending on programming costs. Ask for a custom quote.

web design discovery session flux appeal creative


Each project at Flux Appeal begins with a discovery session where we learn about you, your goals, and your vision for growing your business.

We believe that starting with this collaboration is the best way to foster open communication and trust, leading to a successful result.

We continue to gather additional insights from your industry, competitors and demographic until we have the big picture.


Next, we put together ideas for the architecture and functionality of your new website.

You provide us with your content, or if you’ve hired us to write your web content, we’ll work on it concurrent with this stage. Content happens before design in order to keep your pages focused and coherent.

You’ll be presented with schematics from which to select a direction that best suits your goals.

web design wireframe flux appeal creative
web design implementation flux appeal creative


Now it’s time to create the visual style of your website, which will be shaped by existing brand elements, colors, typography and images.

A blend of high quality imagery balanced with content is where the magic happens. We pay close attention to the flow and organization of information.

After the direction for your web design is successfully chosen, our team builds the technology that brings it to life.


We thoroughly test all pages to make sure your website loads properly on all devices and browsers, and that links are working correctly.

You join us for a final review to make sure you’re completely happy with your new website, and if needed, we’ll follow up with further modifications.

Finally, we’ll help you coordinate a launch strategy to ensure your new website meets the world with a bang!

web design flux appeal creative cross browser

Graphic Design Services.

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Web Design +

Your website is a workhorse for your business 24-7. Are visitors getting the right idea about what it’s like doing business with you? If not, maybe it’s time for a change.

Print Design +

Successful print design cuts through the noise by balancing visuals and text to make it clear why your offering matters. Stop wasting your budget on ineffective print design.

Digital Design +

Digital design is a large toolbox that spans anything from creating a look and feel for your website to infographics that explain your products.

Content +

Content can be any information that provides a benefit to the person receiving it. Whether written or visual, your content must speak directly to customers.


Wisdom Stone

Creating a brand identity for a decorative hardware startup.



Evolving product awareness for an established manufacturing company.

Best Framing

Rebrand for a well-loved local frame shop.

Flux Appeal is a boutique creative studio located in So. Cal. We work with small to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs that need strategic, creative services to get to the next level.

The process far exceeded my expectations! I gained a clear understanding of how I want clients to perceive me and the services I offer. This is has given me the added confidence I needed to move forward. Michele was able to capture the vision I had for my brand and bring it to life beautifully.
Jodo Selleck, CFP, EA, Selleck Financial Group

The most rewarding part of this project is being able to see what our company has to offer in a new light. It was challenging to convey our processes and services, however, Michele put in her own research and become more educated in our industry than we would have ever expected her to. Michele always exceeds our expectations, she is excellent at what she does and always delivers!

Katrina Russell Davis, I-Source Technical Services
I have found Flux Appeal to be an absolute wonder in the web-world of promises that are never delivered. They took my barely functioning, unattractive web site and added both outstanding design and superb engineering to make it a web site that has given me nothing but excellent feedback from visitors. There seems to be nothing beyond their inventive grasp.
Arthur Taussig, Artist, Photographer, Film Critic