Hello and Hi!

Popping by after a *long while* to check in. How have you weathered the storm? For me it’s been panic, followed by deep contemplation, and eventually a path forward.

But this has taken some time.

A year ago April was supposed to kick off a BIG season of design work for me, with trade shows coming in summer and fall 2020. When the pandemic hit, I saw all of those bookings evaporate…indefinitely.

I’m a small business – not even small – petite. What the funk just happened? And..what now?

I had spent all of 2019 working on this pivot toward trade show design. All that research and infrastructure, new processes, marketing, sales, blah blah, down the toilet. The realization that what I’d been working toward wasn’t even viable anymore..pretty defeating.

After the initial shock and subsequent fall-out, I had a little funeral for my *previous plans* and started on the “what now?” bit.

It’s been painfully slow, if I’m honest.

I’ve done a lot of thinking + creating, a good deal of learning, a ton of planning, and some deciding..which is pretty much where I am now. Ready to move forward and pull triggers on new possibilities (spoiler: there will be more packaging and cannabis design on the horizon)

What the future holds is as clear as swamp water, but for now, I’m ok working in slippers and commuting to my home office.

Stay safe and hopeful!!