Why print design will never be dead.

A digital ad will never feel good in your hand, adorn your product, or fit in a bag. We can help you get strategic in print.

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Successful print design is tactical.

A beautifully-printed piece, done right, sticks around awhile. Print design can be beautiful and tactile. It can also be wasteful and cheap-looking. In order to be effective in print, it’s important to design for its specific requirements.

A few of the many uses for print design:

  • Sharing about your business on the spot
  • Wrapping products in stand-out packaging
  • Promotional opportunities at events
  • Highlighting featured items in-store
  • Helping folks find you with signage and way-finding

Don’t waste your budget, we can help you use print design to full advantage.


Graphic Design Services.

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Web Design +

Your website is a workhorse for your business 24-7. Are visitors getting the right idea about what it’s like doing business with you? If not, maybe it’s time for a change.

Print Design +

Successful print design cuts through the noise by balancing visuals and text to make it clear why your offering matters. Stop wasting your budget on ineffective print design.

Digital Design +

Digital design is a large toolbox that spans anything from creating a look and feel for your website to infographics that explain your products.

Content +

Content can be any information that provides a benefit to the person receiving it. Whether written or visual, your content must speak directly to customers.


Wisdom Stone

Creating a brand identity for a decorative hardware startup.



Evolving product awareness for an established manufacturing company.

Best Framing

Rebrand for a well-loved local frame shop.

Flux Appeal is a boutique creative studio located in So. Cal. We work with small to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs that need strategic, creative services to get to the next level.

The process far exceeded my expectations! I gained a clear understanding of how I want clients to perceive me and the services I offer. This is has given me the added confidence I needed to move forward. Michele was able to capture the vision I had for my brand and bring it to life beautifully.
Jodo Selleck, CFP, EA, Selleck Financial Group

The most rewarding part of this project is being able to see what our company has to offer in a new light. It was challenging to convey our processes and services, however, Michele put in her own research and become more educated in our industry than we would have ever expected her to. Michele always exceeds our expectations, she is excellent at what she does and always delivers!

Katrina Russell Davis, I-Source Technical Services
I have found Flux Appeal to be an absolute wonder in the web-world of promises that are never delivered. They took my barely functioning, unattractive web site and added both outstanding design and superb engineering to make it a web site that has given me nothing but excellent feedback from visitors. There seems to be nothing beyond their inventive grasp.
Arthur Taussig, Artist, Photographer, Film Critic