Project Description


Web Design Fine Art: Arthur Taussig

A work in progress, this minimally-styled art website houses over 9,000 photographs from the artist’s collection, illustrated books and art prints, and features an interactive map of America’s great vernacular museums.

Mr. Taussig was skeptical about hiring a designer to update his outdated website. He wanted a no frills design that would allow his photographs and books to be the main attraction; not something overly-designed. Not a problem for us – we appreciate minimal design. Fine art websites need well-presented, easily navigated visuals, not noise. We used a simple, grid-based layout and strong, subdued colors to convey the mood of the artworks. The biggest challenge has been keeping the site nimble while managing the heavy image load and growing visitor traffic. Since the launch of his re-designed website in late 2013, the site’s visitor traffic has nearly quadrupled. We’re happy that more people are looking at Mr. Taussig’s unique works of art.

In his own words:

“I have found Flux Appeal to be an absolute wonder in the web-world of promises that are never delivered. They took my barely functioning, unattractive web site and added both outstanding design and superb engineering to make it a web site that has given me nothing but excellent feedback from visitors. Every time I made a suggestion, no matter how outlandish or difficult, it was delivered in a form far beyond my imagining. There seems to be nothing beyond their inventive grasp.”

Harry (Arthur)  Taussig is a super-interesting guy and a favorite around here; we love creating websites for creatives. View the website.