Project Description


The Product

Made from the finest green tea leaves available, meticulously fermented and dried, Sazio Fine Teas of Japan are meant to be savored, shared and enjoyed. These are not quick morning brews, but lazy garden strolls with bare feet and sun-drenched skin.

The Solution

Sazio hired Flux Appeal to create custom artwork and labels for tea canisters and boxes to accompany their specialty line of fine teas.

The series of three label designs feature hand painted artwork that builds upon the founder’s unique story and Japanese-Italian heritage. Watercolor studies of textures and colors from nature embody the robustness of the Italian countryside, while clean lines and delicate ornamentation mirror those often found in Japanese art. The artwork and labels convey a decidedly rustic yet simple approach using principles of Wabi-sabi.


Logo & Color Scheme

sazio fine tea logo identity design flux appeal michele alise fraichard

Sazio’s brand name means “sated” in Italian, while the logo mark itself conveys an elegance that allows buyers to feel the product without understanding the meaning of the word. Typography was kept simple and spacious to allow one to breathe in the ambience of the imagery and connect with the tactile qualities of what’s inside the package.


packaging design sazio fine teas flux appeal michele alise fraichard

The muted color scheme used for labels and other design elements allows for bursts of color in packaging and other collateral.

The Package