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Our first experience with event branding for a non-profit was to support Cradle to Career Kenya, a charity educating impoverished children in Kenya. The event had a goal of attracting a younger generation of philanthropists who would be enthusiastic about supporting the children.

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We created the concept for ART:FEED as a cultural and musical event to celebrate Kenya’s rich artistic heritage. We went with an in-your-face design to get the attention of X+Y gens on social media and digital spaces. The evening featured authentic African foods, handicrafts, and art, donated by many artists from around the globe, including myself.

To keep the kids front and center, we collaborated with host, Frame My Art, on a “wall of affordable giving.” We covered a 30-foot wall with polaroids of the kids, each with specific needs and dollar amounts written on the back. In this way, guests could simply choose a keepsake photo and pay at satellite tables all over the event.

In conclusion, the event was a great success. The auction raised money for the school, C2C got many sponsorship pledges and donations, plus they gained volunteers for future events.  Want to learn more about Cradle to Career: Kenya?


From Clients

Michele was a patient and penetrating presence throughout the re-branding process, which provided SilMan with an infrastructure of visual and verbal ideas on which to support our communication with the outside world, as well as with the Team. Her insight into marketing principles has made her an invaluable branding partner.

Steve Emahiser, Director of Marketing, SilMan Industries

The process far exceeded my expectations! I gained a clear understanding of how I want clients to perceive me and the services I offer. This is has given me the added confidence I needed to move forward. Michele was able to capture the vision I had for my brand and bring it to life beautifully.

Jodi Selleck, CFP, EA, Selleck Financial Group

The most rewarding part of this project is being able to see what our company has to offer in a new light. It was challenging to convey our processes and services, however, Michele put in her own research and became more educated in our industry than we would have ever expected her to. Michele always exceeds our expectations!

Katrina Russell Davis, I-Source Technical Services

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    Need help with branding?