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Italian hair stylist, Anna Maria Autiero, needed branding and design that would bridge her vision for her business with the experience clients had grown to love. After creating distinctive styles for her Newport Beach clientele for over 20 years, Anna wanted to spend more time in Italy. For that to work, she needed a way to keep connected as she travelled between California and Rome.

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Anna began her career styling for theater productions in Italy, so we used her love for dramatic shapes and colors as a starting point for her branding and design.

The logo is a modern word mark in playful, mnemonic configuration to help clients pronounce her name. When the off-kilter vertical shape doesn’t work, there’s an alternate horizontal version. We put together an email newsletter to update customers and help her keep in touch. Anna can write short letters and alert customers to upcoming availability. Loyalty promotions and freebies help bring customers back.

Personal branding is important, especially when you work for yourself. Anna now has a distinctive look that will follow her wherever she goes. Visit Anna at Ashtin Salon if you want an amazing head of hair.

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Photo Credit: Sheri Geoffreys

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