Visuals Matter

If you’ve ever struggled over choosing no-name gasoline for your car or wondered why the packaging on a generic pharmaceutical closely resembles the brand-name next to it, you already know the answer:

In our minds, we’re not entirely sure the quality is going to be what we expect. What if the x-brand bandage doesn’t stick?  We perceive a brand’s visuals as a reflection of the value of their product. 

Hey, I know you!

A consistent visual identity unified in theme, tone, and appearance creates a sense of familiarity and trust.

I’ll bet that you know immediately when Trader Joe’s “Fearless Flyer’ is in your stack of mail even before sorting. Did that email claiming to be from Wells Fargo Bank make you feel uneasy without knowing exactly why?

Quick-First-Impressions Identity and BrandingWhen a company’s visual identity is so consistent and pervasive, it’s hard to disassociate from it. Just try not to think Tiffany’s when you see a little box in robin’s egg blue.

Why do we remember good design?

The short answer is that the brain picks up all kinds cues, often before we’re even consciously aware of them. Then they’re sorted and filed into a memory pattern according to what our mind thinks is relevant or appealing. Curious about visual memory? (Nerd alert!)

That’s why designers use careful placement of colors, imagery and type to guide the viewer through important information in branded materials. When done right, the result is a quick, natural process that brings greater focus and memory to your products and services.

How Solid Is Your Visual Identity?

  • When you put all of your marketing materials side by side, do they look like they come from the same company?
  • Does your business sell serious financial products, but your logo looks more ethereal or dynamic?
  • Does your content say filet mignon while your design looks Top Ramen?

If your branding isn’t in alignment with your clientele’s expectations, you’re probably not connecting. It may be time to step up your visual identity so that your audience takes notice and remembers you when it’s time to buy.

If you wonder how long it takes to make a first impression, it’s about 50 milliseconds! Improving your visuals will help you make them count.

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