A Platform For
Creating Demand

A Platform For
Creating Demand

Branding Is A System For Igniting Action;
Packaging + Design Are The Messengers

Branding Is A System For Igniting Action; Packaging + Design Are The Messengers

Every brand and design project at Flux Appeal is centered around one thing – aligning your value with the needs of the folks you serve.

Discovering those needs improves your ability to serve like nobody else, and this is the basis for the work we do.


01 | Brand Strategy

A Clear Direction For All Of Your Strategies

Brand strategy helps you define how you want to lead. When you know what values to build on, you can more effectively develop marketing, support teams, attract customers, and command higher pricing. Decisions are easier with insights and a well-defined platform.

Brand Strategy Includes






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02| Brand Identity

The Mighty Ambassadors

Brand Identity is a system of visuals and messaging that communicate the platform formed in the strategy work. They reflect the values, voice, and tone that attract your ideal customer.

These include your logo, color systems, type, and other visual elements, which are then gathered together into a document that guides brand awareness, marketing, and communications.

03| Packaging & Design

Speak Your Value Out Loud

With a foundation in place, your packaging and design become the great communicators for your brand.

Playful, luxurious, sustainable — the look, form, and feel of your packaging & marketing build from clearly-defined customer insights. Stand-out visuals will capture the attention of your unique customer.

04| Brand Management & Consulting

Staying Relevant

Consumer trends change over time and keeping up-to-date with your business, market and customers keeps you relevant. Branding is the same. It’s not one and done, but rather a fluid framework that needs review to stay fresh so you can stay top of mind.

Find out how gaining clarity can get you more business.