Gain leverage with branding.

Branding sets the stage for how you would like the public to experience your business. Regardless of the size of your venture, you can gain a competitive advantage by focusing on the people and outcomes you wish to create.

 Branding is for you if you struggle with:

  • Confidence in your website or marketing
  • Easily communicating your purpose and vision
  • Demonstrating your unique differences
  • Replicating your best customer experiences
We provide branding services for small to mid-sized businesses just starting out, and those in need of an update or change in direction. Discover our branding services and peek our process below.

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Our Branding Services

Brand Strategy <<

Brand strategy is a process of aligning your company’s strengths and goals with consumer desire, and the realities of the marketplace. It is a business tool for future planning, carving out internal systems, and reaching enthusiastic buyers.

Identity Design <<

Brand Identity is a system of visuals and messaging that personify your business. Together, these elements make up your brand guidelines which help shape brand awareness, assist your marketing efforts, and guide your communications.

Logo Design <<

Your logo design is the unique mark that helps people immediately recognize your company. Go for a timeless design that will stand the test of time.

Brand Guidelines <<

Also referred to as a style guide or brand manual, it is a reference document takes the guesswork out of presenting your brand online or in print.


Discovering your brand.

Each project at Flux Appeal begins with a discovery session where we learn about you, your goals and vision for growing your business.

We add to the initial discovery by gathering additional insights from your industry, competitors and demographic.

Our process is highly collaborative, and we strive for client partnerships that are open and communicative to yield the best results.

Building the brand ideas.

We distill the results of discovery into big picture ideas from which to base our initial creative directions.

Our best ideas are put into form and we begin to share our thinking with you. This is where open and honest constructive feedback are crucial to moving forward successfully.

Throughout the process, we design and deliver iterations and various options and paths to choose from and further explore.


Putting it all together.

After the direction for your brand is successfully chosen, we bring it to life with real world examples.

All of your brand elements come together into a document called a style guide that explains how to use them. This will include your logo and other visual elements, plus explorations for marketing materials, stationery, and more.

Once you’re happy with your new brand platform, we can help you launch your new brand to the world. Time to celebrate!



Branding A Start-Up

Brand strategy and identity for a new fashion hardware line.


Web Design for Manufacturing

Evolving product awareness for an established manufacturing company.

Rebrand Best Framing

New messaging and visuals for a well-loved local frame shop.


From Our Clients

The process far exceeded my expectations! I gained a clear understanding of how I want clients to perceive me and the services I offer. This is has given me the added confidence I needed to move forward. Michele was able to capture the vision I had for my brand and bring it to life beautifully.

Jodi Selleck, CFP, EA, Selleck Financial Group

The most rewarding part of this project is being able to see what our company has to offer in a new light. It was challenging to convey our processes and services, however, Michele put in her own research and became more educated in our industry than we would have ever expected her to. Michele always exceeds our expectations, she is excellent at what she does and always delivers!

Katrina Russell Davis, I-Source Technical Services

I have found Flux Appeal to be an absolute wonder in the web-world of promises that are never delivered. They took my barely functioning, unattractive web site and added both outstanding design and superb engineering to make it a web site that has given me nothing but excellent feedback from visitors. There seems to be nothing beyond their inventive grasp.

Arthur Taussig, Artist, Film Critic

Flux Appeal is a boutique creative studio in Los Angeles, California. We work with small to mid-sized businesses in need of strategic, creative services to get to the next level.