Promote Your Brand On Social Media During The Holidays

Promote Your Brand On Social Media During The Holidays

Promote Your Brand On Social Media During The Holidays Flux AppealPromote Your Brand On Social Media During the Holidays

A great way to spread cheer and promote your brand on social media during the holidays is to add branded images to your social media pages. It’s relatively easy to do and there are lots of great tools out there to help you get the job done, some paid and some free.

Snap to It

If you’ve got a good camera, head out for a holiday photo shoot. If your photography skills are subpar, get some tips for taking great photos here or skip to the next section titled Help! My Photos Suck. Some great subjects for holiday photos are:

  • Your office/employees
  • Christmas trees
  • Baked Goods
  • Candy Canes
  • Beautifully Wrapped Packages
  • Holiday Lights
  • Christmas Displays, Wreaths & Ornaments
  • Pine Cones, Snow & Winter Trees
  • Cups of Hot Cocoa/Cider

If you can find or create a scene relevant to your business, that’s even better, get creative here!

I find lots of terrific imagery at shopping malls, on the streets, christmas tree lots, craft stores, bakeries, ice skating rinks & retail shops. You don’t want to shoot items with recognizable brand name imagery, but there’s so much holiday goodness & sparkle to be found just about everywhere during this season, it isn’t hard to find great imagery.

Always use the highest resolution settings on your camera so  you can re-size your photos later. Keep in mind the dimensions for the social media platform you’re using while you shoot. As you’ll see in the chart below, Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus banner images have severe horizontal orientation, so your image will need to be wide enough to span the browser window, but not too tall. You’ll want to take a variety of both horizontal and vertical shots for use in status updates and albums. If your photos don’t suck, skip to editing.

Help! My photos suck.

Ok, so your talents lie elsewhere or you simply don’t have the time to mess around with pointing and shooting. There are lots of beautiful holiday images found on stock photography websites. Some are free, and others allow you to purchase licenses on good quality photos starting at around $15.

Paid Stock Photos:‎

Free Image Sites:

Be sure to read the fine print because usage guidelines vary for every photo. And one thing you absolutely don’t want to do is just grab a photo you found on the internet, this is actually illegal.
Here’s a brief explanation about copyrighted images.


Now that you have a terrific photo, you’ll likely need to re-size the image to fit your social media channels. If you don’t have photo editing software, and you’re the adventurous type, you can try the following free image editing software:

More free image edtors

All of these editors have different terms of use & privacy policies, if you’re concerned about what may happen to your images, be sure to read the terms.

*Never use Microsoft Word to edit your images, they’ll look terrible.

Use the chart below to choose the dimensions for your social channels. Be sure to edit copies of your image – things can go horribly wrong and you don’t want to lose your original.

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Most editing software use the same protocols for cropping and re-sizing, it’s the little icon that looks like this crop-marks. Enter your dimensions into the crop tool and adjust the placement until your picture looks good. (This is where it comes in handy to have large images because parts will get cut out.)

You’ll probably want to add your logo somewhere on your cover images for further branding. Upload either the .png or .eps version of your logo since these typically have a transparent background and won’t muck up your picture. Try saving a couple of different versions then narrow down the composition you like best.

Once you’re happy with your composition, give it an SEO friendly title that includes your business name (ex. “2014holidaycookiesfluxappeal.jpg”) and save it at 72 dpi resolution. (It’s better to set the resolution yourself than to allow this to be done automatically by the social media software.) Now simply log into your social media account and follow instructions for upload.

Voila, instant cheer!

Add a variety of photos to your status updates throughout December to broadcast promotions, events or just to spread cheer. If you get really adventurous, try adding some “Happy Holiday” text to your images, just remember to keep it simple. Keep your followers engaged and use action words such as ‘Post,’ ‘Comment,’ ‘Take,’ ‘Submit,’ ‘Like’ and ‘Tell Us’ to increase Facebook engagement. Try combining one of these popular words or phrases with a relevant holiday topic, and you’ve got an awesome seasonal status.

You don’t have to stop at social media, you can add smaller versions of your photos to emails and newsletters or even get your web designer to add a banner to your website for extra impact.

If you need more specific instructions on any of these steps, feel free to post your questions in the comments.



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