Real Estate Business Card & Identity Design

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Project Description


Real Estate Business Card & Identity Design

A stand out business card is a conversation starter, and a bold design printed on super thick paper with painted edges makes an even bigger statement.

This client does lots of networking so it was important that his business cards make a quick impression and  stay in the hands of realtors and home buyers. We printed them on super thick, tactile paper stock that says “I’m here, touch me.” Another plus – these business cards are easy to write on.

Flux Appeal created both the logo design & stationery for this mortgage lender who wanted bold design and bright colors that would stand out on his website, signage, collateral, t-shirts and other promotional items. When looking at other businesses using the term “orange coast,”  we found lots of very literal representations of the ocean and oranges. In order to set Orange Coast Home Loans apart from the competition, we went with a simplified, modern approach that still quite obviously incorporates the orange coast vibe.

For the real estate industry, these business cards are out of the norm, which is exactly what this client wanted to represent his new brand.

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