Logo, Identity, Newsletter Design For Hair Stylist

Logo, Identity, Newsletter Design For Hair Stylist 2018-01-18T12:11:25+00:00

Project Description

The Objective

Italian hair stylist Anna Maria Autiero has been creating distinctive styles for her Newport Beach clients for over 20 years. Last year, when she took time off due to illness, she came back to find clients confused and misinformed, realizing that her methods of communication needed updating. Because Anna works out of a salon, her own personal branding had been non-existent. We agreed that she would need a distinctive visual statement in order to personalize her relationship with customers beyond the salon, and then set to work implementing outreach and connection.

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The Identity

The client sought a logo design and overall identity that would be personable and friendly, but also convey her chic sense of style. We felt that clean, elegant branding, embellished with pops of color and texture, made the perfect pairing. The logo is friendly, modern and spacious, and the digital and print collateral reflect that same sense of space and ease.

The Newsletter

This talented stylist from Rome was looking for a better way to connect and show her appreciation to the many clients who had been coming to her for years. But Anna just isn’t into social media, and being from Italy, writing in English just doesn’t come naturally.

After discussing her objectives, we decided a quarterly email newsletter was the best way to connect without overloading her busy clientele. Automating her list created an opportunity to quickly and easily let clients know about time away from the salon, changes in hours, special discounts & promotions. In order for the connection to be authentic, it was important the newsletter be in Anna’s own “voice,” although she wouldn’t be writing it herself. We needed to make sure the words would ring true to people who know her. Luckily, I know her pretty well (she’s been cutting my hair for 15 years!), so the content came together fairly easily.

Her first campaign was very well received, with over 60% opens from her list. Her chair is full, clients are happy and they look gorgeous!

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