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Project Description

Luxzen Identity & Design



Building upon the idea that small luxuries inspire better living, we worked with Luxzen Style to shape the identity design for their diverse line of sumptuous home decor products. Rich color, finery and juxtaposing contrasts suggest the pliability and subtle surprise of Luxzen’s one-of-a-kind designs. There is no desire to fill a house with a glut of matching table runners, napkins and drapery, but rather to offer a sweet flora in a landscape that includes Morocco, Bali,  Alaska, Italy, Wisconsin and all points between.logo feature luxury branding flux appealPliability in the home suggests adventure so why not put a little luxury in every corner?

In order to accommodate their diverse offerings, we went with clean, luxurious branding, using quality papers, foil inks and neutral colors to convey a feel of luxury without committing to set color schemes. We created Luxzen’s logo with simple lines giving shape and suggestion to the product line. The color palette is subdued allowing explosions of color to stand out. Launching in mid-2015, there will be  more branding pieces coming for this luxury-decor-branding-pink-glass-flux-appeal