Chocolate Packaging Design

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Project Description

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Chocolate Packaging Design

This chocolate packaging design for Pas de Bon Bons was a sweet trip down memory lane! The line was inspired by the scents and flavors of innocence, so the label designs had to connect would-be buyers with their most cherished moments, encouraging a re-creation of childhood through taste.

One particular challenge was that the packaging had to represent childhood for many generations of adult sweet-seekers, not any one specific era. The colors and patterns chosen for the candy labels seek to convey both a contemporary and vintage feel. We used timeless geometrics with modern color combos and added subtle distressing and color shifts to encapsulate a vintage sensation.

A similar approach was used for the typography. We wanted it to read easily and feel childlike, without being childish. Even though kids will love this chocolate, it’s candy for grown-ups and packaging needed to make this distinction.


Brand Story

Ever notice how the waft of a freshly baked-cinnamon bun takes you back to one moment? Childhood is sweet, full of the wonder and firsts, like

The taste of gumdrops

The smell of Jello™

The downy hair of your first girl’s pigtails

Winning the spelling bee

Cheerleading tryouts

The only thing sweeter is bringing back those sensations and sampling them over and over again. Pas de Bon Bons takes us back in time with its line of brightly-flavored bar chocolates with a touch of old school. Medleys of licorice & gum drop, sweet tart, and banana-orange recall those careless days of summer, home room and our first kiss. Delectably sweet.

Until there’s a way back machine, there’s Pas de Bon Bons.