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Branding & Design Autiero

Identity, Newsletter, Collateral

“You deserve stage-ready hair every day. “

Italian hair stylist Anna Maria Autiero has been creating distinctive styles for her Newport Beach clientele for over 20 years. Her career started with styling for theater productions in Rome, and her attraction to dramatic shapes and colors has never waned. Anna sought a visual identity to tell her story, and digital and printed marketing materials she could use to keep connected with clients as she travels between California and Rome.

logo design best framing flux appeal
logo design best framing flux appeal

The client wanted a clean, modern wordmark. Since people often have trouble pronouncing her name, I presented a mnemonic configuration with the letters spilling down as tresses might. Because of the off-kilter, verticality of the mark, there’s an alternate linear version.

branding hair stylist flux appeal-01
branding hair stylist flux appeal-02

Photo Credit: Sheri Geoffreys

service menu-hair-stylist-branding-flux-appeal
newsletter design hair stylist flux appeal
hair-stylist-branding-feat flux-appeal