Branding & Collateral Pet Products and Veterinary Marketing

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Project Description


OffLeash Communications

The Company

OffLeash Communications is a digital marketing agency catering specifically to pet product companies and veterinarians seeking to grow their audience and strengthen connections with clientele. Since OffLeash is the only agency devoted to the pet industry, they want to be known as the go-to branding and marketing leader.

The Challenge

Marketing for pet products is typically a combination of fun, functional, sentimental, lovable, cute. And while heartstrings make great sales tools on the consumer side, OffLeash is strictly a B2B. They need to demonstrate tactical skill and market insight in tandem with a thorough understanding of their consumer. OffLeash understands cute, but they are not. They have a strong marketing process, a natural instinct for understanding pet audiences, and they are undeniably capable.

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Strategy & Process

We started with fact-finding and learned quickly that OffLeash owner, Sarah Julian, already had a great sense of the who, what and how needed to build a strong brand – not surprising considering she’s a first-class marketer. When we honed in on competitive differentiators, we realized there wasn’t another agency out there like them. This called for an identity that would be unwaveringly and unapologetically distinct.The Identity

We built concepts around OffLeash’s most prominent traits: bold and energetic with a unique perspective.

Visuals are strong and clear with pet relationships at the center. We developed a bold graphic style using black and white imagery, contrasting the bright aqua chosen for the main brand color. Complimentary orange and red accents were added to keep things interesting.

From here, we created a suite of collaterals for the new identity including a newsletter, slide presentation, brochures, case studies, one-sheets and flyers.



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slide presentation design pet marketing flux appeal michele alise

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I thoroughly enjoyed working with Offleash Communications and wish them much success! Visit them here: Visit OffLeash Communications.