Brand Design For Small Business


A strong brand identity built upon the strengths of your business is one of the best ways to go toe to toe with larger competitors.

What + How

Flux Appeal offers professional brand design + identity development tailored to specialty businesses that need to stand out. This includes: logo design, brand naming, tagline development, textual messaging, content development, web design, brand manuals, color schemes, thematic imagery and more.

We start with an in-depth consultation that helps us to develop your proposal centered on specific needs. We then craft the strategy for your brand design around what’s unique about your business. There’s no one size fits all package, so be ready to answer lots of questions and dig deep into the core of your organization. Learn more about our philosophy & branding process.

Logo Design

More than just a pretty chiclet, your logo is the small but mighty ambassador that greets people and helps them to quickly remember you.

As part of your identity, your logo design should be as distinct as you are, and able to quickly convey the feel of your business. We work with you to create a visual signature that embodies your organization and appeals to your target market.

Logos take from 2-6 weeks to complete. We aren’t the designers who crank out 5 logos in one afternoon and head out for a beer. Your long term success matters and we use a careful process to develop unique, relevant logos that stand the test of time.

Style Guide & Brand Identity Guidelines

Making decisions about how to present your brand doesn’t have to be hair-raising, you just need the right tools.

Think of a Style Guide as a storyboard with directives on color, logo placement, type styles and imagery that compliment your brand. Brand Identity Guidelines go deeper by giving voice to your organization’s mission, character and purpose. Once developed, you can refer to these guides to keep your brand cohesive and on track.

A basic Style Guide accompanies each of our logos, and all in-depth branding work includes Brand Identity Guidelines. We also develop them as standalone tools for clients who need help rounding out their existing identity.

Naming + Tagline Development + Copywriting

Naming can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your business. Your brand name makes an immediate statement and is backed up by all of the textual and visual content that follows. An inspired brand name opens up a dialogue and acts as an invitation to look more closely.

Let us help you develop a stand-out name to embody and represent your business. We’ll also help you develop more textual pieces, including a tagline, brand positioning statement and “voice” for all touch points of your brand, helping you communicate and connect with your unique client demographic and target market. These voice strategies will be used for website content, print materials, social media, promotional pieces, etc.


More Info Please!

Not quite ready for a brand design extravaganza?

Flux Appeal offers all kinds of design services, like those mentioned above, on a per project basis. We also provide brand consulting when you need advice on how to put things together for a special event, ad campaign, a video script or Kickstarter campaign.

Give us a jingle to talk about your needs, browse some of our branding articles, and sign up for the newsletter to receive info straight to your inbox.

Whatever you do..Be Remarkable.