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Flux Appeal is Boutique Graphic Design & Branding For Your Ambitious Specialty Business.

Does your business look as remarkable as it is? Discerning buyers are looking for that “je ne sais quoi” and empty-headed fluff won’t cut it. Let’s give your audience a unique visual and textual statement that’s impossible to ignore.

I’m Michele Alise, and I work with micro-brands ready to make their voices heard over the din. I can help you make a statement with expertly designed ads, catalogues, websites, brochures, packaging & beyond. In addition to stunning design, you’ll get brilliant ideas for the creative direction of your marketing campaigns.

Graphic Design

Clients Say

  • Explore what’s missing in your visual statement
  • Make a splash with a new brochure or logo
  • Get answers about design, branding & identity
  • Rock a new & improved company image

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