To provide ambitious specialty businesses the support they need to turn their vision into smart, alluring messages that captivate audiences.


Beauty is only skin deep, but when there’s substance behind that pretty face, we fall in love again & again. Good design is beautiful & intelligent.

Michele Alise Fraichard

Meet Michele

My passions are visual communication, art and design of all kinds. I’m a 20-year creative who crossed over into art and design after working in corporate a long while. What that means for you is that I’m a full brain creative who’s as comfortable with problem-solving and critical thinking as I am with artistry and craft. I’m not afraid of treading unknown territory and I never lose sight of the purpose of design as a professional result.

When I’m not working on design solutions for clients, I can be found with a paintbrush or camera in hand. My visual appetite is voracious, and I have a sweet spot for nature, philosophy and science.

About You

I fit best with ambitious, niche businesses whose clientele are moved by forward-looking design. You’re on a course toward carving out your niche and you need help moving in that direction with bespoke visual and textual content that supports your vision. Whether you’ve been going strong for years, or you’re just starting your adventure, together we’ll uncover how to reach your unique market and show them the value that will keep them coming back.

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