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I’m a graphic designer and brand consultant with a talent for creating memorable stories that convey the values, personality and promise of your organization. From logo, identity and brand design to print and digital collateral, web design, event design and packaging, I’ll help you connect with customers through enticing visual design & engaging content.

Beauty is only skin deep, but when there’s substance behind that pretty face, we fall in love again and again.

Great design isn’t just about looks.. that’s only part of the story. While my focus is visual design and storytelling, I understand that many factors go into shaping the perception of your company.

A cohesive, well-crafted identity conveys the value of your products, and reflects the character of your organization, helping you forge lasting connections.

I use creative talent + business savvy to dig through the surface to bring you impactful messages that ring true to your organization and your clientele.Every marketing piece or communication is an opportunity to captivate. For specialty businesses, leveraging this can be the difference between likability & oblivion.

Whatever the size of your endeavor, there’s a unique clientele looking to connect with your products; I can help you reach them.

What You Get

Stand-Out Designs & Promotional Materials

Help Developing A Unique Brand Identity

Tools For Storytelling & Connection

Insights About Your Clientele & Competitors

Honest, Thoughtful Feedback


About Me

Howdy! I’m Michele Alise, the twenty mule team behind Flux Appeal.

You can call me a graphic designer, creative director, brand consultant, artist, writer, maker, photographer and all manner of highly creative & illustrious titles, but I like to say that I’m:

A creative with business savvy who helps businesses put personality to their purpose through imagery & words that connect.

I’ve had the good fortune of coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, and a career start deeply rooted in business.

You benefit by getting an artisan with a strong work ethic who’s accustomed to critical thinking and problem-solving. Long version below.

How Things Get Done

Most of the time, I work single-handedly, but when a project calls for it, I bring in other talented creatives for collaboration and extended resources. I have an arsenal of excellent web designers, graphic artists, photographers, writers, videographers, social media pros and more who will happily work their magic on your projects.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.”   ~Herman Melville.

My Story (or The 10,000 Foot Fork)

I wouldn’t call my career path typical, and I certainly didn’t follow a straight-line to my passion for graphic design, art and visual communication. In fact, I’d say my occupational road map looks a lot like a rocky mountain trek leading to a hairpin turn in front of a 10,000 foot cliff. Luckily, my treads were good, and in navigating my 180, I landed just exactly where I belong.

I got my professional start at 14 working in the accounting department of my mother’s highly successful management company, and by 19, I had started working as a paralegal with various law firms around Los Angeles. People often ask me how I could have spent 10 years in such a litigious line of work; I usually take this opportunity to nod with crooked smile and politely plead the 5th!

The truth is, at thirty-years-young, suffering from serious burn-out and a definite lack of fulfillment, my foggy, tort-filled brain took me on a joy ride back to my wonder years, where I built elaborate “sets” for playmates, wrote intricate plots for made-up characters, and enjoyed my favorite pastimes; making art & studying people. After the haze cleared, I promptly quit my job and headed to Art Center College of Design; I’ve never looked back

Finding True North

I spent the next 10 years making & showing my art, learning about sales, marketing, PR, bookkeeping, inventory and everything related to managing my business. After 20+ years of problem-solving, creating, learning, traveling and “finding myself,” I’ve discovered that my greatest passions are: Visual Communication & Beguiling Products and Experiences

When I thought about where these passions fit on my road, I realized I had already cultivated a slew of creative, technical, and analytical skills that were perfect for partnering with artisanal and specialty businesses in need of help getting their message across to a unique consumer. I started out with a small set of clients, providing an assortment of creative services focused on building and promoting unique identities through quality design & content. In 2011, I went “official” with Flux Appeal, a sort of freelance creative agency without the agency where I get to apply my unique set of creative skills, plus what I’ve learned about people, business & marketing to help businesses leave their mark.


Getting to know you and your organization are the first steps toward unlocking the potential of your brand.

I use a consultative approach to help gain clarity about your company’s values, how you fit into the marketplace, and why it matters. This leads to possibilities for maximizing your objectives and marketing dollars. It’s also a great tool for building internal systems for communicating and training.

The first step is interviewing key players to discover where the passion and enthusiasm in your organization lies. Next, I take a look at challenges you may be facing + evaluate your short and long-term goals. From here, we begin strategizing methods for building your communications around your organization’s flair & target consumer.

This holistic process helps us build your story into materials that grow beyond marketing pieces and into assets that reflect your organization’s identity and your unique audience.